Rethink Connect is a global hub where industry change agents and creative entrepreneurs connect to explore furthering their business objectives and goals.

WHAT WE DO: With a high focus on Education, we create quality content and experiential moments that accelerate a strong community of creative Entrepreneurs and SMB owners.

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Meet the Founder

Dalia Strum, an Entrepreneur at heart has been an educator for the past 8 years at The Fashion Institute of Technology, NYU, Baruch College & SUNY Westchester.

Over the past few years, she has adjusted her classes to incorporate a more personalized format along with highlighting experts and applying their knowledge to her curriculum.

Through her previous ventures and continuous analysis within granular topics, she has decided to launch Rethink Connect and empower industry professionals and entrepreneurs with actionable insights and forward-thinking strategies.


We launched custom workshops


We create meaningful experiences with a high-focus on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content mixed with relationship building.